Favorite Friday Finds 27.0

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Wishing everyone some extra love this week, and we have all been affected by the cruel events and hateful words flying around the media this week. I don't like to get political on here, so I'll just say this:

It's the unknown that creates fear. Most people assume and think they know everyone's story. That they know what's right. That their opinions are unequivocally correct. Yet we don't like to acknowledge that our own set of beliefs and perspective are merely shaped by experience and background.
The people you judge, hate, and politically disagree with have stories and reasons for their beliefs too. It's utterly arrogant to think you can fully understand the life someone else is living or has lived, or that other's are stupid because they disagree with your opinions.
Now more than ever, could the world use some more empathy.
Listening before speaking.
Open hearts and minds before jumping to judgement.
If only we respected each other more. Maybe then we could understand each other, and there would be less hate and violence, and more compassion and acts of kindness instead.

I didn't mean to start off on such a somber note, but my heart has definitely been feeling heavy and disappointed in people this week with all the vitriol spread around. 

In times like these, it's even more important to keep the positive vibes and spread kindness. So Friday finds are the perfect gathering this week for thought-provoking, smile and laughter-causing entertainment-- so I hope you guys enjoy this week's edition! And me being a ridiculous strawberry-head on a strawberry farm (more to come on my travels next week!)

Here are my 10 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!



1. The Time You Have

Perspective on your priorities is always important- especially in the wake of the tragic events that have been going on lately.
I hope this video inspires you to treat your time preciously, as it is just that- I know it inspired me:

2. 15 Amazing Photographs of Animals in the Womb

This is amazing and so beautiful. Let's remind ourselves to open our eyes to the existing beauty in the world, and celebrate the good.

3. Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

I was celebrating my sister's bachelorette party out in L.A., and was scrolling through my Facebook feed before bed. Within the first 10 stories, I saw that three weddings, two engagements, a bridal shower, and another bachelorette party. Needless to say, many of my friends are beginning to talk about this, and it's not a Disney movie story, as much as social media tries to make it be.
I loved this article because it felt real and even more beautiful because of it.



4. The Lost Art of Apologizing, and How to Do it Right

"When you remember being hurt, what hurts you the most? The offense committed or the lack of understanding and genuine apology from the offender?"

Hurting one another happens. Intentionally or not, it's our jobs to make it better. Compassion and empathy are crucial to making amends, and I loved this article outlining the components of a sincere apology.

5. Your Guide to Storing Fresh Herbs

If you're anything like me, you never can seem to use up all your fresh herbs in time before they go bad. The Kitchn's guide was super helpful for learning how to care for different herbs!

6. Best Exercises That Give You Bang for Your Buck

Yours truly and a bunch of my awesome colleagues in the field contributed to this Thrillist article. I definitely approve of all these answers for efficient exercises! Keep in mind, some of these are more advanced moves. 



7. Adorable Elderly Couple Goofing Off

One sure-fire way to make me melt is seeing elderly couples that are so clearly still in love. This video went viral recently and this is true #relationshipgoals right here:

8. Love is Love is Love is Love.
No matter how different we are.

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9. How I apparently sleep